Friday, May 15, 2015

This Would Not Look Good on a Resume'

Apparently, the Dunlap Schools Superintendent got stopped for driving 43 in a 30 mph construction zone and implied to the officer she could get out of the ticket. She'd done it before.

The transcript is here:

I have a pet peeve for people who speed in construction zones. Having to commute regularly between Peoria and Bloomington/Normal, I see it all the time at Morton. Somehow, some people just don't think it applies to them.

This is especially bad for Ms. Parker, being in a position of public trust. Anyway, I hope she ends up having to pay her $375 and learns a lesson - but I doubt it. 

The Peoria Journal Star is not letting this go as they have filed FOIA requests for call logs and text messages from her district-issued cell phone.


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