Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Did you know???

I was frankly kind of shocked when, over the weekend, I happened to catch part of the NASCAR race at Charlotte (my kid was watching). I noticed the race's major sponsor was something called Hisense which I had never heard of (despite later finding I had one of their TVs in my home). 

For some reason, I decided to look them up and found that Hisense is a major manufacturer of lots of home electronics and "white goods" and has 40 subsidiaries. Kind of like Samsung.

Hisense is also a wholly-owned state enterprise of THE RED CHINESE GOVERNMENT - yes, that's right, the people who gave us Tiananmen Square, among many other things.

I wonder how many NASCAR fans were aware of that? I wonder how many buyers are aware of that? I wasn't - until now.



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