Wednesday, April 04, 2012

More questions on the Martin case

Why did/does the media continue to show the pic of Martin as a baby-faced 12 year old, not the wannabe gangster he'd become and Zimmerman from a years-old mug shot? They intentionally tried to paint him as a racist "white" while ignoring the fact that he had previously championed the cause of a homeless black man, Sherman Ware, that had been beaten by the son of a local cop.


While the killing remains a tragedy, I'm thinking the media and some in the "black community" have made complete fools of themselves AND dis-served themselves. It's looking more and more like they all "cried wolf" and we're all lessened by it.



Blogger Emtronics said...

What's sad about this? The Right is defending the shooting and the Left is claiming murder. Both are trying this in the hall of public opinion further pulling apart people and inflaming tempers. Fox won't be happy until some nut takes a gun and kills a slew of people in the name of Zimmerman and the Left won't be happy until guns are outlawed.

Both will never happen like abortion being outlawed. Never happen. Let it go.

4/05/2012 5:18 PM  
Blogger Vonster said...

You're partially right but, knowing much more of the facts now, what side do you think it closer to the truth?

My point is that the media and by extension the left jumped the gun on this whole thing and did it for political purposes.

4/05/2012 5:40 PM  

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