Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Even more news from the Ghetto Nation

They're calling them Flash Mobs which is something I associate more with groups of people showing up in public spaces and suddenly breaking into a dance - but that's another argument.

Just in the last few days, large groups of "black youth" have been reported engaged in riotous actions at a fair in Wisconsin and in downtown Philly. This on the heels of several other reported incidents, one here in Peoria.

These groups, in many cases, have been reported by numerous sources, to have targeted white people for menacing at the best and severe beatings at the worst.

The black mayor of Philly has even said that they have "damaged their race" by their behavior.

Certain people making asses of themselves by calling me racist to commence in 3...2..1...

UPDATE: There have been even more black mob attacks all across America - even including one when the Philly mayor was at a "peace rally".

Where are Al, Jesse, Tavis Smiley, Professor so and so, Nation of Islam and the rest of the race pimp crowd???

UPDATE: There have been even more of these attacks in the last week or so.


Anonymous drunken noah said...

well put vonster.

can you imagine how these black monsters will react if hussein obama is defeated in 2012?

i think these violent flash mobs we see across the nation is just a precursor to type of carnage they're capable of.

i hope the national guard will be on standby. we don't need an l.a. riots in every town.

8/09/2011 10:41 PM  
Anonymous Just me! said...

Oh, you committed a cardinal sin. You mentioned they were black. Even though they are. How racist!

8/10/2011 7:45 AM  
Anonymous drunken noah said...

how non-pc of us...with all those asian and white violent flash mobs causing pandemonium out there.

8/10/2011 3:35 PM  
Blogger Vonster said...

DN: They were black and they were monsters but calling them black monsters doesn't help.

8/10/2011 6:47 PM  
Anonymous drunken noah said...

"black youth" is a tad too pc for this observer. it makes their lawlessness sound almost respectable. i'll stick with black monsters.

8/10/2011 11:33 PM  
Blogger Peoria Anti-Pundit said...

This I agree with you on Vonster ol boy although I still think drunken noah is a sick f.... er, well not all there. Is there nothing noah won't blame someone else for? He thinks blacks will riot or something if Obama fails to get re-elected? Most blacks, especially those busy with flash mobs don't vote. Besides, unless the GOP comes up with someone other than the Mormon, the Batshit girl, or the Weeny, Obama is a shoe in.

BTW, wana see one of these mobs? Be at Peoria High the first day of school when the ex-police, the new resource officers are handing out candy.

8/11/2011 5:11 AM  
Blogger wepac01 said...

The previous record number of Lead P:oisoned Children are maturing. Expect Peoria to mushroom, since we are the current record holder for elevated blood lead leavels.
Additionally, County Administartor Greg Chance and new hire County Economic Development Director and former County Board Administrator, Peoria Black Chamber of Commerce, PCCEO, ARMS have made decissions (Relative to the future of its Lead Paint Abatement Program, that promise to make the Peoria situation even worst.

I have already forwarned of the problem: Go back and read the story that Bill Dennis did in 2005. As usual Peoria is about 7 years behind.

Bill I promised you security, when then time came: It's here.

"Call Me".

Westside Environmental Plan of Action Committee, LLC (WEPAC)

8/11/2011 7:28 AM  
Anonymous drunken noah said...

pap... you're clearly a victim of control by race hustler's on the blogosphere who have and will brand you a racist for speaking a simple fact based on history. most of these flash mobs aren't old enough to vote, so your amusing point about them being voters is moot. and those who can vote can't seem to figure out how to get there and cast that ballot without a limo ride provided by jihad jehan.

8/11/2011 9:45 AM  
Anonymous drunken noah said...

"I still think drunken noah is a sick f.... er, well not all there."

-- Peoria Antipundit

"Besides, unless the GOP comes up with someone other than the Mormon, the Batshit girl, or the Weeny, Obama is a shoe in."

-- Peoria Antipundit


Looks like PAP has invective down to a science. Nice way to back up your opinion, PAPy!

With the plummeting of the DOW the last two weeks, barack hussein "I've traveled to 58 states" obama will not get re-elected.

And what's PAPy's boy going to do about it? Play golf for the 76th time and go to martha's vinyard for another pricey vacation (but not until michelle returns from her vacation in oregon).

2012 will be a referendum on g-money pimp, and electing an adult to take care of America.

chew on this for a week...


8/11/2011 1:27 PM  
Blogger Peoria Anti-Pundit said...

Wow Noah you clearly hate the POTUS and his wife. What a dolt. Talk about someone in need of help. I don't golf by the way.
So, who is the GOP going to run against Obama? Huh?
And the stock crash is caused by your boys Bonhner (whatever his name is) holding the economy hostage for a debt ceiling vote which they all vote for over 7 times during Bush. This economy is the GOP's not Obama's and if you would pull your head out of your ass, you'll see that American's also know this. Latest pol shows 82% believe our down grade and stock fall is the GOP's fault.
No science needed so don't make it out as if you are smart, Your not.

8/11/2011 4:57 PM  
Anonymous drunken noah said...

that 82% comes from a liberal pollster. gee what a er...um surprise! consider the source.

it's too early to know who the gop nominee will be. gotta have a primary first. basic politics 101.

btw, i am smart, and you know it. i don't suffer fools gladly.

8/12/2011 12:10 PM  
Blogger Vonster said...

See? We can't discuss this without invective. Stop.

8/12/2011 6:56 PM  

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