Monday, April 18, 2011

Taxes on trial

No society has ever taxed itself into prosperity. None. Ever.

That is a truth "progressives" will not and cannot honestly answer because an honest answer would shatter their world view. This most obviously proved by my most recent interchange with them on

We need a fair tax system BUT taxing "the wealthy" is not the answer. There are not enough "wealthy" to tax to fix the problem. Never will be.

1/3 of Americans, in the end, pay NO TAX.

And I am not "wealthy" I too feel underpaid and disabused by my company.

On a side note, even in England it costs the people $1 a year per person to support the royal family. On the other hand, the royal family brings in over $800 million a year for the gubmint.

Joe Blow doesn't create jobs... people with money create jobs.


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