Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Maddow jumps the shark - for Randall

What Maddow didn't realize is that is a PARODY SITE!!! Kind of the anti-Christian Onion. As if Onion wasn't anti-Christian already.

Way to get duped, MSNBC!! Maybe you're a parody site too?? Seems like MSNBC just had a minor Rather moment. Of course, this story perfectly fit her template so what the hell? Notice she mis-speaks and says North America instead of North Africa. Freudian slip?


It reminds me of Schumer the other day saying the 3 branches of government are The House, The Senate and The President.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

She's funny. Like Olberman. But I don't like funny or immaturity with my politics or news. So much for the boomer generation. The worst generation ever. Have another toke, MSNBC.

2/03/2011 6:58 PM  

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