Saturday, January 22, 2011

On Keith Olbermann

I'm kind of surprised by the relative quite over MSNBC's ejection of Olbermann. Of course, I didn't care for his irrational rejection of all things even remotely conservative nor his haughty style and hyperbole (Worst person in the world? C'mon!). Even so, in the interest of having both sides presented in the media, I was almost happy he was on the air. And besides, Shultz is a much bigger, if less known, douchebag.

I used to love Crossfire being a battle of ideas, even though it seemed they were playing on the liberals home field. Same for Hannity & Colmes but reversed.

P.S. Nor do I care for some right-wing pundits' irrational rejection of all things even remotely liberal nor their haughty style and hyperbole.


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