Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Publicly Funded Hard Left Media? Forget NPR.

I happened to be listening to the much ballyhooed ICC station WAZU 90.7 FM and their Free Speech News segment at 3pm the other day. I clearly heard the female "reporter" refer to the Afghan Taliban/Al-qaeda insurgents "freedom fighters". It makes me wonder if the staff were all wearing Keffiyehs.

Your tax dollars are funding this.

I look forward to Bill Dennis' comments on this. I know what the "American Guesser's" will be.

And before you embarrass yourself, ICC's carriage IS publicly funded.

Oh, and Steve Tarter...how is Peoria's "black community" being "underserved"?? Not enough "hip-Hop" on Peoria radio? Not enough MOTOWN? Say it.

I would encourage people to listen to WAZU to hear what their tax dollars are paying for.


Anonymous Gary said...

It is amazing to me how any American can describe the taliban as 'freedom fighters' in any sense when in reality the taliban is all about subjugation and the suppression of freedoms. I mean, these sasquatchian troglodytes even outlaw kite flying and etch-o-sketch while having sex with boys dressed up as girls. What a screwed up society. Yea, taliban are freedom fighters.

11/06/2010 11:04 PM  

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